• 2015 Audi S3
  • 2015 Audi S3
  • 2015 Audi S3
2015 Audi S3
2.0 Turbo
Oxford, NJ

The Story

Bought the car end of December of 2014 and said I was not going to do anything except tint the windows... Well 9 years later and we can see how well that went !. Story behind my plate was on a dare. It was available and my friend said I don't think you would do it. Me thinking it would get rejected like everything else I tried I was safe. Well now I have one of the most famous plates in the state!

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    2.0 Turbo
  • Color
  • Location
    Oxford, NJ
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • Unitronic Intercooler
  • Unitronic Stage 2 ECU
  • Unitronic Stage 2 TCU
  • Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake
  • Unitronic Cat Back Exhaust
  • AWE Catted Down Pipe
  • CTS turbo muffler delete
  • CTS Charge Pipes
  • CTS Turbo inlet elbow
  • RS3 Coil Packs
  • Eurocode Front swaybars
  • Eurocode rear sway bar
  • AirLift Performance Front and Rear Bags

Cosmetic Modifications

  • RS3 Pre facelift style front bumper
  • Darwin Pro Carbon Fiber rear diffuser
  • Maxton front lip
  • Maxton Design Side Skirts
  • Full Airlift Performance 3H system
  • Trunk setup for air ride
  • Custom livery
  • HRE Classic 305 3 pc wheels
  • Continental Extreme Contact DWS-06 Tires


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