2015 Audi S4
Daytona Grey Pearl Effect
3.0T Supercharged V6
Columbia, MD

The Story

Building the car to be a great daily while being able to occasionally track it

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    3.0T Supercharged V6
  • Color
    Daytona Grey Pearl Effect
  • Location
    Columbia, MD
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • 034 stage 2+ dual pulley
  • ECS cold air intake
  • ECS cat-back resonated valved exhaust with gutted cats and vibrant resonators and boost tap
  • KW HAS springs
  • TSW Bathurst 19x19.5 ET 39
  • 034 billet rear subframe mount insert kit
  • 034 billet drivetrain mount insert kit
  • 034 billet tunnel brace
  • 034 adjustable solid rear sway bar & dynamic+ end links
  • APR heat exchanger
  • JXB driveshaft carrier bearing
  • Porsche Macan front calipers with Castrol SRF fluid
  • ECS stainless steel brake lines
  • APR ignition coils
  • 034 full density line front control arm kit and toe rod ends
  • Custom 6mm spacers for front caliper clearance
  • ECS wheel stud conversion kit
  • 034 front motorsport endlinks
  • Brisk DR10S spark plugs
  • ECS rear lower control arm brace

Cosmetic Modifications

  • ECS carbon duckbill spoiler
  • ECS carbon diffuser
  • Deval carbon front lip
  • RS style grille & fog light grilles
  • RSNAV apple car play
  • P3 air-vent gauge
  • Ziza LED fog and interior lights
  • JQ Werks magnetic paddles


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