Our Team

  • Michael Wyman
    Michael Wyman
    Operations Manager
    At the helm of RENNDVOUS, Michael has experience with a variety of automotive projects, working in both the community and marketing aspects of the industry. While studying Financial Planning at Towson University, he can also be found spending time working on his business ventures. When he's not working on RENNDVOUS, QuattroCruise, or his photography, Michael can be found cruising the scenic backroads of Maryland in his '98 E36 BMW M3.
  • Joshua Bloom
    Joshua Bloom
    Director of Technology
    Josh has a passion for detailing his personal vehicles, including his Gotland Green Audi S4. During his free time, Josh can be found doing lots of hands on work such as coding and building computers, robots, and drones. His love for cars is endless but his main focus is in the German and American car markets. Josh currently studies IT/Cybersecurity at Pace University and is looking to pursue a Masters Degree.
  • Alexander Hughes
    Alexander Hughes
    Web Developer / Creative Director
    Alexander found a true passion in the automotive life at a young age through his dad and friends, especially in the JDM community. Outside of his passion for cars, Xander can be found either in the pool, gym, or in an environment filled with technology. He currently studies Computer Science at Pace University, but in his free time, he enjoys creating content from behind a camera as a cinematographer.