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2019 Volkswagen Golf R

2019 Volkswagen Golf R
Viper Green Metallic
Lady Lake, FL

The Story

I had dreamed about getting a GTI for 11 years before making it happen back in late 2017. I purchased a 2015 GTI S 4 door manual in Cabon Steel Grey Metallic. I loved that car and it was the best car I ever had, until now... Back in May of 2020, my Obsessed Garage coworkers and I drove up to Virgina from Florida to trade in my GTI on another dream car, a Golf R, and then drove it back. It was a 10 hour, 700+ mile trip, both ways. This is a new 2019 Golf R manual in Spektrum color Viper Green Metallic. There were 33 made for the US and as far as I know this was the last available new VGM R available for sale and one of less than a handful Spektrum colors available new in the country. Super pumped to have this thing, can hardly believe this is real!

Vehicle Info

  • Color
    Viper Green Metallic
  • Location
    Lady Lake, FL
  • Drivetrain


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