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2008 Subaru Forester XT

2008 Subaru Forester XT
World Rally Blue
2.5L Turbo 4 cyl.
Findlay, OH

The Story

When I first bought this car almost 15 years ago, it was my everyday car, and I wanted it to be a good balance of fun & reliability, with a horsepower goal of just above a factory Impreza STI, with good handling and a nice interior to commute in. Well, about 10 years ago, a cross country move necessitated that the car go into storage for a few months…Well as happens in life things didn’t go to plan, and those few months turned into about 5 years. In that time, I have bought and sold other cars, and the plans for this one have drastically changed. So this is ThatBlueWagon. Partly because it is simple, but mostly because in the last 10 years, social media has become a standard part of most people’s lives, and to have any hope of a sponsorship, you no longer just need to be active in your local car scene, but have scads of people following your every twit, pic, post, and video. I still prefer the forums, even if they aren't as active these days, as you can truly document and detail the build of your car, instead of just sticking one or two filtered pictures up with a one sentence description. So I have made all of the social media accounts under the name “ThatBlueWagon”. So, what has changed? Instead of a tame daily driver, I am trying to turn this into a Motorsports grade show car. A car, that will be a fun weekend and occasional track day car but built to the highest level a car can be, with the aim of having it displayed in a booth at SEMA. When someone thinks Subaru Forester, I want them to think of my car. And as time goes on, It will become apparent how that is going to come about.

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    2.5L Turbo 4 cyl.
  • Color
    World Rally Blue
  • Location
    Findlay, OH
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • LightSpec Titanium cat back - catback= 12lbs
  • SPT lateral links
  • Whiteline 22mm adjustable rear sway with kartboy endlinks
  • Whiteline 22mm front sway bar with kartboy endlinks
  • Tokico D-Spec with RCE Black springs
  • SPT Titanium FSB
  • OZ Alleggerita HLT 17x7.5 (15lbs each)
  • Yokohama S. Drive 245.40.17

Cosmetic Modifications

  • Depo LED Taillights
  • STI Front Seats
  • WC Lathe Werks Shift Knob
  • Pioneer avic-z130bt
  • Ebay Center Gauge Pod
  • STRI DSD-SLMII gauges (boost, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp)
  • Innovate LC1 wideband AFR gauge - waiting on install
  • Subtle Solutions ash tray gauge pod
  • FXTSPORTS08 lightbar
  • Subtle Solutions Carbon Fiber Exhaust shield


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