2012 Audi A6
Glacier White
3.0t Supercharged V6
Shelby, MT

The Story

While my B5 S4 was still being converted from auto to 6MT, I wanted a Audi as a daily. I got away from the B8.5 S4 as it was a bit smaller and I'm on the taller side. Plus I had an S4 already and I would be highly tempted to modify another S4. So after test driving an A6 with the same 3.0t supercharged V6, I was sold. It was very comfortable and well trimmed. Less than 3 weeks later I was t-boned, thankfully everyone was ok in the other vehicle and it was just me in mine. It was written off and I found its absolute twin and picked it up. Fast forward a few years later, I couldn't leave it alone and now have it running E40 034 Dual Pulley software. It has a dual personality of being a normal 4 door car but puts a smile on my face when I get the chance to open it up on the secondary highways.

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    3.0t Supercharged V6
  • Color
    Glacier White
  • Location
    Shelby, MT
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • 034 ECU tuning
  • Melen TCU tuning
  • Custom Hemi 80mm Throttle Body
  • Gutted Cats, Magnaflow #11385 and B8.5 rear mufflers
  • MercRacing HX
  • Kustom Imports 194mm (Big B*tch) crank pulley
  • APR 57mm supercharger pulley
  • Continental DWS06 255/35/20

Cosmetic Modifications

  • S6 rear diffuser (black)
  • Black front and rear rings emblems
  • Black trim surround on grille


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