• 2001 Volvo S60
  • 2001 Volvo S60
  • 2001 Volvo S60
  • 2001 Volvo S60
2001 Volvo S60
Classic Red
2.3l T5 5 cyl B5234T3

The Story

This 2001 Volvo S60 T5 has been in our family since it was new. Uncle financed it from the dealer, dad take over the lease, gave it back to my uncle and then it fell into my hands! I've had it since I was 16, I'm 22 now. First ever thing I ever did to it was the timing belt funny enough, thanks Youtube! It's painted in classic red which is a very very very rare colour, I've only seen another 1 here and it was on marketplace. Never seen another one in this colour in real life! It's the T5 model which is the one everybody wants, it was the "R" before the R even existed.

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    2.3l T5 5 cyl B5234T3
  • Color
    Classic Red
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • Powerflex poly front lower control arm bushings + xc70 "extended life" rear front control arm bushing
  • Pro parts sweden poly transmission mount
  • AEM 5" Dryflow filter (yes I'm compensating for something ?)
  • Updated B4 servo for AW55 transmissions
  • Brembo rotors and pads front and rear
  • BNE Dynamics Delrin subframe bushings
  • IPD front solid strut mounts

Cosmetic Modifications

  • 17" Replica Pegs for winter


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