2022 Toyota 86
2.4L FA 24
Princeton, WV

The Story

Initially I was looking at a Z (350 or 370) but couldn't find any non-clapped ones. I was looking around and saw that Toyota had just released these and I immediately fell in love! After probably 6 weeks of looking for a dealership that 1; had them available and 2; didn't put an insane markup on them my dad found one! In the middle of Nebraska... We live 19hrs away in WV.

My dad has a buddy who owns a smaller trucking company so we asked if he could go pick up the car and bring it back, and he said yes, but it would be about a month or so til he could have it back in West Virginia. His plan was to take an excavator up to Washington (the state) and on his way back through, pick up my 86 and drop it off at my house. I was ok with waiting a little while longer because I was getting it for MSRP.

About 3 weeks go by and we get a call from my dad's trucker buddy. He says that his trailer was hit and that he was also run off the road! (This is the excavator, not my car) The frame of his trailer was warped because of the accident and he can't get the car now. Thankfully he was okay, and he's still in the trucking business.

A few days later, me, my dad, and my brother pack up and head out to Nebraska to go pick up my car. We picked up a U-Haul car hauler trailer in Kansas, and then finished some paperwork at the dealership in McCook, NE. Mind you this is on a Sunday! The salesman came in to work on his day off to help us out. I wish I could remember his name. After a quick test drive around the block, we loaded it up and came back home!
This was March of 2022 btw and I was 17

Just here recently, we did basically the same thing for my dad's Supra. Except there was no trailering accident, and this was Florida instead of Nebraska.

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    2.4L FA 24
  • Location
    Princeton, WV
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • MST cold air intake
  • JDL catless UEL headers
  • Tomei ExpremeTi full titanium catback
  • BC Racing coilovers

Cosmetic Modifications

  • Aeroflow Dynamics splitter and side skirts
  • ISC wheel spacers (25mm)
  • Battle Aero chassis mount wing


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