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2008 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63

2008 Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63
Kitchener, ON Canada

The Story

I had a 2008 Honda S2000 and ended up selling it due to an itch for change. A change on the opposite end of the spectrum where I wanted to double down on the size of the engine if not more.

I reached out to a friend who was on the Japanese Auction Houses looking at cars and he mentioned that he was just looking at a C63 Wagon. I thought he meant E63 Wagon but he kept mentioning C63. After I told him they do not exist, he sent me photos and my eyes glazed over and ended up doing an impulse buy.

Over the next 3 months I was on the Japanese Auction House every day until one that checked off ever box for me showed up and I ended up winning the auction! Then the stress started. Wiring full funds to people I have never met, to a company that I am very unaware of, only to wait 4 months due to docks being backlogged before the AMG came to Canadian soil. Once it arrived, the transport company took photos and sent them my way to tell me that the vehicle was on its way in and it suddenly became very real.

I do miss the S2000 dearly as the driving experience was unparalleled to any other car I have ever driven so I plan on getting one back into the garage... hopefully side by side with the C63 wagon as the wagon has a driving experience completely opposite of the S2000. The Honda was a car when properly dialled in, it handled like it was on cheat codes and when you ring it out and bounce off the rev limiter, you don't realize that you are smiling ear to ear. As where with the C63 Wagon, the experience being opposite also has the same effect with the ear to ear smiling. The only difference is that lots of laws have been broken and the AMG tries to kill you almost each time you drive it.

Thanks for reading guys! Feel free to drop me a line on social.

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Vehicle Info

  • Color
  • Location
    Kitchener, ON Canada

Performance Modifications

  • KWv3 Suspension

Cosmetic Modifications

  • OEM+ Rear Lip
  • Blacked out 507 Edition Grille


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