• 2008 Mazda 3
  • 2008 Mazda 3
  • 2008 Mazda 3
2008 Mazda 3
Black mica
Rowland Hghts, CA

The Story

It was previously owned by my dad with one modification which is the Exhaust. That time I said I wanted a Mazda3 (3rd Gen with knight sport kit) but this is close enough and learned about a speed3. Since I was new to the country I learned a lot and got more exposure about the car scene here in California.

After a year owning the car I started modifying it on handling since the car has a high mileage I didn’t do anything with the engine and planning to get a speed3. I was mainly pushing for touge but now I’m pushing it for track as well.

Every part that I buy is transferable to the speed3 that’s why I didn’t hesitate to modify a regular Mazda 3 hatchback. I love this car inside and out and I wanted to inspire Mazda3 owners that this regular 3 can do something not only the speed. I’m happy that some companies reach out to me to use my car as a model or as a test fit (Cosmetics).

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
  • Color
    Black mica
  • Location
    Rowland Hghts, CA
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • Magnaflow catback exhaust
  • Rev9 Coilovers hyperstreet II
  • Megan racing Strutbar
  • Whiteline rear sway bar
  • Vios III lowmax bride seat (Legit)
  • Enkei RPF1s 17x9 +45
  • Aeroflow dynamic Side splitters
  • R1 concept front rotors with red pads

Cosmetic Modifications

  • Retro Fit mazda3/Speed3 headlights by MFGlighting
  • Mazdaspeed3 Wing with Spoilerking extension
  • Mazdaspeed3 LED taillights
  • Blacked out LED side markers
  • eBay JDM front lip Mazda3/Speed3
  • Anime decals
  • Corksport antenna


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