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1991 Mazda Miata

1991 Mazda Miata
1994 1.8l engine
Repentigny, QC Canada

The Story

Saw this okay-ish condition miata NA for sale 3.5h away from home on marketplace on a Thurday morning of july 2022. Seller posted it for 5k, then i reached out to him and paid a close attention to what the owner said to me as “a weird noise coming from the engine”. From what i heard, definitely rod knock. Told him so, dealt it for 2k and the next tuesday i was hopping in a u-haul on my way to pick up this poor baby that was clearly mistreated in the past. Pretty sure it was smashed before coming to Canada as it is an american-imported car with lots of mileage. Hood was unaligned and clear was missing on the driver’s side fender and bumper, both of them where multiple colours before being the oem blue.

Ever since that day i’ve swapped the engine and wrapped the car and added a couple goodies here and there, did it all by myself. I bought this car to learn on and it was my very first project at 18 y/o. I can’t bring myself to ever sell it as it is my lill ugly pride and joy and i wish i could keep it forever. Miata has never truly been a dream car of mine but since i’ve got it i’ve felt in love with the little go-kart.

Coming up it’ll get a paint job as i’ve always dreamed of learning how to. Hopefully an agressive wheel set up and I’ll finally put the drop on it. 💪🏻

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    1994 1.8l engine
  • Color
  • Location
    Repentigny, QC Canada
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • 1.8 swapped engine

Cosmetic Modifications

  • Vinyl wrap
  • 16” wheels
  • Aftermarket steering wheel/ quick release
  • Aftermarket Headlights
  • Coilovers


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