• 2018 BMW M4
  • 2018 BMW M4
  • 2018 BMW M4
  • 2018 BMW M4
2018 BMW M4
Black Sapphire Metallic
Single Turbo Inline-6
Coram, NY

The Story

As a kid, I remember the first time I looked into the engine bay of a car at 3 years old (I have great memory). Since then, my curiosity grew as fast as my admiration for cars did. While I always wanted to get into an extensive build, I wanted to make sure I waited for the right timing so that I can do it right. When I officially graduated from Grad school and received my highest-paying job, I figured it was time to award myself.

I went browsing the internet “just to see what’s out there” and found my car. I immediately fell in love. Initially, I figured that the car was great as it was and didn’t need to anything else to make it “better”.

Three months in, I ordered my single turbo kit and way more mods than I planned for. It is safe to say that I have spent more money on mods than the price I bought the car for, but it is my dream car. I hope others could also witness the love and inspiration that went into my build.

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    Single Turbo Inline-6
  • Color
    Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Location
    Coram, NY
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • Garrett G35-1050 single turbo
  • Tubular manifold
  • Dual TiAL Wastegates
  • EOS intake manifold port injection with 1100cc injectors
  • Custom stage 4 fuel pump
  • Upgraded differential hardware
  • Mishimoto charge cooler
  • Mishimoto heat exchanger
  • Clutchmasters twin disc clutch
  • BC coilovers with custom aircup kit and management
  • Ecutek tuning hardware with flex fuel
  • Mosselman upgraded thermostat

Cosmetic Modifications

  • CAE ultra shifter
  • KMP Gen2 race wheel kit
  • MOMO leather steering wheel
  • Battlecraft Quick Release
  • Stern Performance Rear Seat Delete
  • Genuine Leather heated Recaro seats
  • Schroth harnesses
  • RSR roll cage
  • Diamond Black TE37 wheels


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