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1992 Toyota MR2

  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
  • 1992 Toyota MR2
1992 Toyota MR2
BMW Laguna Seca Blau
Gen 4 3S-GTE
Pennsauken Township, NJ

The Story

My story with this car started in spring 2015. My friend and avid MR2 enthusiast (who has owned in the ballpark of 20 MR2s between first and second generations) had just finished his latest MR2 project. His being a 1991 powered by a slightly different Gen 3 3S-GTE. After my initial ride in his car is when the bug bit me. I NEEDED one of these cars. Within a couple weeks time, I located a pretty rough example that had quite a few older yet expensive modifications already performed (most of which have been replaced or upgraded by now). My intentions were simple. Buy the car cheap, keep it maintained and have fun. In no way did I expect the car to be where it is today. Overall, I have had some of the most rewarding experiences behind the wheel of my silly little Toyota and I have also met some incredibly great people. I can't went to see what more is to come.

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    Gen 4 3S-GTE
  • Color
    BMW Laguna Seca Blau
  • Location
    Pennsauken Township, NJ
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • Gen 4 3S-GTE
  • ATS Racing Sweet 16 Turbo
  • Racer X Intake Box
  • Prime MR2 Intercooler Kit
  • Prime MR2 One Piece Intercooler Pipes
  • Prime MR2 3" Catless Downpipe
  • Custom Quad Tip Exhaust
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • Lightweight Flywheel
  • Racer X Shifter Box
  • TRD Style Short Shifter
  • BC Racing BR Coilovers
  • MR2 Turbo Model Sway Bars
  • Custom Big Brake Kit
  • Corbeau A4 Seats
  • MR2 Heaven Front Strut Brace
  • Ultra Racing Rear Strut Brace

Cosmetic Modifications

  • BMW Laguna Seca Blau Paint
  • Motegi MR133 Wheels Custom Painted
  • BFG Sport Comp 2 Tires
  • 1993+ MR2 Turbo Front Lip
  • Bomex Style Air Intakes "Ears"
  • MR2 Turbo Engine Lid
  • Autopista Style Trunk Spoiler
  • JDM Quarter Windows
  • JDM Rear Window
  • JDM Door Panels
  • JDM Kouki Taillights
  • Renown Steering Wheel


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