• 2006 BMW M3
  • 2006 BMW M3
2006 BMW M3
Imola Red II
S54 3.2L NA
Luthvle Timon, MD

The Story

This is my second vehicle and one I will own for a life time. My adventure with the E46 started with a friend of mine who had a 330i where I truly fell in love with the platform. I had been on many drives with him and helped with many mechanical projects. A few months after that, one faithful day at an autocross event I asked another driver for a ride in his M3 convertible. In those short 40 seconds I immediately knew it was what I wanted. Four days later I bought Christine from an enthusiast owner in Colorado.

Now here's where I screwed up. I bought a car named Christine and didnt think that was a bad idea at all considering all of the preventative maintenance the previous owner put in to it. I was wrong. This car is cursed and is always broken, though that may be true of most E46s. I am lucky that the car has appreciated enough in the past 2 years to cover the maintence.

However, despite this car being an absolute piece of crap reliability-wise I am still in love with it. I haven't found a single car which can match the spirit and characteristics of the E46. I plan to keep this car for a lifetime.

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
    S54 3.2L NA
  • Color
    Imola Red II
  • Location
    Luthvle Timon, MD
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • STX Coilovers
  • Full Revshift 80A Poly Bushings
  • Borla Section 3 Exhaust
  • Genuine IMSA Sticker
  • Firehawks

Cosmetic Modifications

  • AC Schnitzer Strut Bar
  • AC Schnitzer Handbrake
  • AC Schnitzer Pedals
  • F10 M5 Shift Knob
  • VMR V703 Wheels
  • Short Antenna


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