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2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser
Tangerine Pearl Metallic
Littleton, CO

The Story

First vehicle I owned was a silver 2001 PT Cruiser. It was an N/A 2.4L with a 41TE automatic, and with the assistance of a good friend, I turbocharged it using parts from a Neon SRT4, and swapped in a T350 manual 5-speed transmission, and learned a good amount about the platform. In college, I needed a more reliable vehicle that I knew how to work on, so I purchased this 2003 PT GT that was already turbocharged (hence the GT) from the factory, and has the Getrag G288 manual 5-speed transmission. Inevitably, I began to modify it, and it's gone through a number of different phases, most of which were at or above 400whp. The most recent iteration of it has yet to be re-tuned on the dyno, but the previous phase consisted of a smaller turbocharger (6262 vs 6766), a more restrictive turbo manifold (T3 divided log vs T4 divided tubular) and no nitrous, and the car made 711whp @ 35psi. It should make north of 800whp with less boost and no nitrous.

Vehicle Info

  • Engine
  • Color
    Tangerine Pearl Metallic
  • Location
    Littleton, CO
  • Transmission
  • Drivetrain

Performance Modifications

  • Carrillo/CP 9.0:1 Forged Pistons w/ Upgraded Pins
  • Manley Turbo Tuff I-Beam Connecting Rods
  • OEM Crankshaft
  • DCR High-Flow Oil Pump
  • Big D's Performance Oil Squirter Delete
  • Big D's Performance Modified Oil Pickup Tube
  • Big D's Performance Crank Strap/Windage Tray Kit
  • Big D's Performance Ported Oil Filter Adapter Housing
  • Big D's Performance Oversized Oil Filter Kit
  • ATI Super Damper
  • Big D's Performance Race-Ported Cylinder Head
  • Brian Crower Stage 3 Cams
  • Brian Crower Titanium Valvesprings & Retainers
  • Ferrea Valve Seals
  • Modern Performance Adjustable Cam Gears
  • DCR Billet Manual Timing Belt Tensioner
  • DCR Oil Flow Modifier
  • Clutchmasters Custom FX725 Twin-Disc Clutch (Race Friction Discs)
  • Clutchmasters Upgraded Concentric Hydraulic Slave Cylinder
  • Custom Braided Clutch Line (Master to Slave)
  • DCR Billet Clutch Pedal Pivot Arm
  • Maddog 50%-Reduction Short Throw Shifter w/ Rod Brakes
  • BP Autosports T4 Divided Twin Scroll Manifold
  • VSRacing 6766 Turbo w/ 1.0 A/R Turbine Housing
  • Twin VSRacing 44mm V-Band Wastegates
  • Custom Hood-Exit Exhaust & Wastegate Dump Tubes
  • Custom Short-Runner Intake Manifold
  • Modern Performance 62mm Billet Throttle Body
  • Custom Front-Mount Intercooler
  • Custom 2.5" Charge Piping
  • NGR Type-S BOV
  • All Vacuum/Boost Lines Upgraded to Braided Lines/AN Fittings
  • JMB Performance Shaved Valve Cover w/ 10AN Breather Bungs
  • Custom 10AN Catch Can/Breather
  • Custom Dual Walbro 450 In-Tank Fuel Pumps w/ Dual 6AN Feeds and 8AN Return
  • Custom Dual 6AN to 10AN Fuel Feed Line
  • Fuelab 10AN 6-Micron Fuel Filter
  • Fuelab 515-Series Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Boomba Billet Fuel Rail
  • Injector Dynamics ID2000 Fuel Injectors
  • Nitrous Express Direct Port System (Custom Lines, Jetted for 150hp)
  • Nitrous Express 10lb Bottle w/ Billet Bracket & Bottle Heater
  • Big D's Performance Wire Tuck/Harness
  • Haltech Elite 1500 Standalone ECU
  • AEM 5bar Stainless MAP Sensor
  • AEM Stainless Pressure Sensors (Oil, Fuel, Coolant)
  • AEM X-Series Wideband O2 Sensor/Gauge
  • Circuit Se7en High-Frequency MAC Boost Control Solenoid
  • GM Air Temp Sensor
  • Custom BeCool 12" Push Fans
  • Custom Switches (Rolling Antilag/Nitrous/AEM 11-position Trim Switch [Boost])
  • 2x Kosei K1 Replica Wheels w/ 235/50/15 R888Rs (Front)
  • Mopar Stage 2 SRT4 Coilovers (Front)
  • Tokico HP Blue Shocks w/ Goldline Super Slam Lowering Springs (Rear)
  • Full Throttle Performance K-Frame Engine/Trans Mount


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