Audi Exclusive: The Ultimate Expression of Individuality

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June 19, 2023

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What is Audi Exclusive?

While Porsche’s Paint to Sample program and Volkswagen’s Spektrum colors have made headlines, Audi’s made-to-order customization program has not received the attention it deserves. The Audi Exclusive program allows customers to design their vehicle’s look from the exterior paint to the accent stitching inside. Options range from luxurious wood features to sporty Alcantara additions. The result is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind vehicle with four rings.

Cumulusblue.rs3’s 2018 Audi RS 3 (Cumulus Blue)


The story of Audi Exclusive began 40 years ago when in October 1983 the subsidiary of Audi AG – known today as Audi Sport– Quattro GmbH was founded. The company’s purpose was to build upon the motorsport success the brand recently had while also legally protecting the Quattro name and marketing rights. Quattro GmbH’s first offering was a collection of 22 leather goods and luggage pieces. Over the years, the brand has expanded to developing and producing high-performance models, managing both factory and customer motorsports, offering merchandise and accessories for the Audi Collection, and building individual customized vehicles.

s4.nogaro’s 2015 Audi S4 (Nogaro Blue)

The Exclusive program began in 1995 when customers could begin ordering options outside of the standard Audi catalog. Details like colored leather interiors or elegant wood inlays could now be included from the factory. Customers all over the world have the ability to request any customizations they can imagine and Audi Exclusive will make it happen depending on feasibility and their approval. 

The Exclusive process begins at the dealership where customers must order the vehicles with their individual specifications. Production is limited so ordering should be done early in the year in order to get a spot in line. While the number of customized cars produced has not been tracked, as the exclusive name suggests, only a small number of vehicles with customizations are made each year. However, Audi says 1 in 4 R8 models are customized through the program. 

Audi Exclusive is also responsible for all limited editions and in 2022 the brand offered 10 special packages for purchase.

gholwerda’s 2018 Audi RS 3 (Java Green)

Exterior Options

One of the most distinctive parts of the program is the wide variety of colors available to customers through their configurator. When ordering a vehicle, depending on the model, you have the choice of over 50 pre-approved colors in 5 different finishes: Metallic, Pearl Effect, Uni, Matte, and Crystal Effect. Audi describes the Uni finish as “Simply Bold. A flat finish that speaks for itself.”

jimminez’ 2021 Audi RS 6 Avant (Ara Blue Crystal)

Similar to Porsche’s Paint to Sample program, if the color options are not creative enough for you, Audi allows customers to choose any color they can dream of – as long as the unique order is approved by Audi representatives. Whether it’s color from another manufacturer or to match your favorite food, you might just be able to get it on your own exclusive Audi. 

Prices depend on the model and finish. On the 2023 model year, pre-approved exclusive colors cost $5,900 for the A3, A4, A5, Q3, Q5, and TT or $7,900 for A6, A7, A8, Q7, Q8, R8, E-Tron SUV and E-Tron GT. On models where it is available, the matte finish is an additional $2000. 

ascarirs7’s 2022 Audi RS Q8 (Java Green)

Interior Options

While many focus on the outside, as the saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. Audi Exclusive offers many options when it comes to custom interior choices. Through the program, there are eight leather colors, 11 accent stitching threads, and five exclusive wood inlays available to order. 

Other interior options include exclusive floor mats, colored seat belts, and custom embroidery. Audi’s portfolio of exclusive additions allows customers to order a vehicle unique to them– inside and out.

Vegastig’s 2023 Audi RS 6 Avant (Velvet Purple Pearl)

Not only do unusual paint colors and custom interiors create a one-of-a-kind driving experience, but the unique customizations are also likely to improve the resale value in the future– as long as you have good taste. 

The Audi Exclusive program gives customers the choice to personalize their vehicle and drive the special combination of materials and colors that they desire. 

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