About RENNspec

What’s RENNspec?

Most automotive enthusiasts have shown great interest in RENNtap, the NFC solution, however many enthusiasts do not want stickers on their build, which is why we created a solution for them as well. 

RENNspec is a printable “spec-sheet” that any enthusiast can place in or on their vehicle to showcase what vehicle it is, who owns it, and what makes it special. We recommend RENNspec for the enthusiast that doesn’t want to have their information on their vehicle at all times, but would rather prefer to display it only at shows.

How do I print my RENNspec?

When viewing your vehicle, click on the print button under RENNspec in the righthand, green column, which will automatically generate your RENNspec for you to print and place on your dashboard, interior, or wherever you choose. 

How much does RENNspec cost?


Let’s get my RENNspec

Click here to go to your garage, select a vehicle, and print your RENNspec!