Stay Ahead of the Curve: Exploring Renndvous Newest Features

Elevate your experience with Renndvous! Dive into our latest features

November 3, 2023

Photo Credits: Rennndvous

Welcome to a thrilling era of innovation and user-centric design! We’re excited to announce the rollout of an array of exciting features on our website that promise to elevate your online experience to new heights. Our dedicated team has been hard at work, fueled by a commitment to providing you with cutting-edge tools and a seamless interface. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the latest additions, improvements, and tweaks that are designed to make your time on our platform more enjoyable, efficient, and rewarding.


Renndvous stands as the paramount platform for discovering, hosting, or participating in automotive events. Our cutting-edge registration process sets a new industry standard for simplicity and efficiency, enabling users to complete registration in a matter of seconds.

Attendee Benefits

  • Register for any event in just a few seconds with just a few clicks. 
  • Add the event to your calendar with just one click.
  • Access directions with ease, and view the venue on our interactive map.
  • Check in to the event by simply displaying the registration page (or RENNscan).
  • View other vehicles attending any event, and sort/filter them by preference.

Host Benefits

  • Check-in guests with our native scanner, able to scan both tickets and RENNscan.
  • Create events, either paid or free to attend.
  • Download user registration information, including vehicle information.
  • Sell tickets, and merchandise, with very low processing fees.


Introducing Renndvous Clubs, an exciting new feature that empowers users to establish, join, and show off their favorite clubs. Renndvous Clubs allows every user the ability to create their own exclusive club, accessible solely by invitation. The club administrator holds the power to add or remove members, providing full control over the club’s composition and maintaining its exclusivity. This innovative feature is set to redefine how users connect and engage within their chosen communities.

Membership Levels

  • Clubs contain both administrator and member-level tiers.
  • Club Administrators can efficiently manage membership using club-specific links.


  • Clubs host their own events from their club page.
  • All Club events are featured on the Events Explore page


  • Clubs can showcase all members’ vehicles.
  • Every Club has the ability to select favorite vehicles and feature them on their unique favorites page.

Improved Search

Our enhanced search functionality is now more precise than ever, enabling users to effortlessly explore vehicles within The Community, peruse clubs, and discover automotive events with unprecedented ease. Within The Community, users can now fine-tune their searches, not only by year, make, and model, but also by utilizing keywords. These keywords encompass paint colors, aftermarket parts providers, distinctive features, and much more.


The RENNscan is a 3” decal that is now guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and 100% weatherproof. Constructed of automotive grade vinyl, the RENNscan comes pre-configured and is ready to link to any vehicle with simply one scan. RENNscan offers some of the following functionalities. 


Scan any vehicle equipped with RENNscan to discover its features, modifications, and the owner’s social media handles.


Used as an event ticket, RENNscan streamlines the check-in process for hosts, allowing quick scans to admit attendees. Attendees earn credits each time their RENNscan is scanned at an event.


We decided to inject some excitement by introducing special badges and icons for users based on the frequency of scans their vehicle undergoes. Every vehicle equipped with RENNscan diligently logs its scanning history, with more scans unlocking  prestigious badging and unique experiences.

Subscription Tiers

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand-new Subscription Tiers, designed to elevate your Renndvous experience. By subscribing, users unlock a range of exciting benefits that truly enhance their involvement in the automotive community. Here’s what you can expect:

Expanded Event Hosting

Subscribers gain the ability to host a greater number of events, providing even more opportunities to connect, engage, and share experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

Premium Ticketing Options

Enjoy the flexibility to offer higher-priced tickets for your events, allowing you to provide enhanced experiences and services to your attendees.

Enhanced Vehicle Showcase

With a subscription, you can share additional photos for each registered vehicle, giving you more room to highlight the unique features and qualities of your prized automobiles.

These Subscription Tiers are tailored to take your Renndvous experience to the next level, ensuring you have the tools and resources you need to fully immerse yourself in the world of automotive passion. Elevate your journey with us today!

We hope you enjoy these updates as we continue to grow and expand the automotive community as a whole! We believe that bringing streamlined event sign-ups, clubs, and an automotive encyclopedia to the digital age will help expand and inform the car community. As always, we are extremely appreciative of those who continue to support us!

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